Asus Reveals Tytan G70 Game Computer


Asus has revealed its new flagship Tytan G70 game computer. The specially optimized gaming pc is equipped with water cooling and designed to enhance overclocking.

The game pc houses an Intel Core i7-4770K-processor, 4GB ddr3 RAM memory, a 3GB Nvidia GeForce GTX780 video card, Z87-motherboard and ssd.

(Tytan G70 front, Credit: Asus)

Aside that the Tytan G70 is designed in such a way that it has plenty of space available for a power supply, optical drive, sound card and five extra hard disks.

The Tytan G70 can be used in two manners: in normal mode and in turbo gear mode.

During normal mode the exterior is closed and the hardware runs at normal speeds, in turbo mode the sides and top of the desktop move open. By opening the top and sides the eight fans have enough space to pull fresh air from the outside and provide extra cooling to the system.

Furthermore the game computer has its own watercooling system and a Qi-charger with which it is able to charge devices such as the Galaxy S4 more efficiently than through USB.

The Tytan G70 is delivered with Windows 8 and the entire system weighs around 24 kilo’s. Asus did not indicate yet how much the device should cost, but my estimate is it should cost at least 1500 US dollars, based on the high end hardware and features.

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