Playstation 4 console in 2014 to Europe

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Anonymous sources claim the Playstation 4 will be launched in Europe at the start of 2014. The new Playstation console is expected to be slightly more powerful than the new Xbox 360.

Sources from Edge as well as sources from the website Polygon claim the Playstation 4 will be launched in the United States and Japan at the end of 2013 to compete with the new Xbox console from Microsoft. The new Xbox console is expected to be revealed this spring and should appear in stores later this year.

Edge also speaks of the PS4 controller, that according to its sources has a touch pad in stead of a Selext, Start and PS buttons. A Share button would also be added to the controller, with which gamers could share screenshots and videos online.

The Playstation 4 would be able to automatically record the last 15 minutes of gameplay, without the use of spending extra processing power.

Sony would also be working on the release of an improved Playstation Eye, that just as the current Playstation Move works in coherence with the Playstation console. The hardware of the PS4 would be more similar to a PC and more easy to work with.

The PS4 would thereby be slightly more powerful than the upcoming new Xbox console. According to sources Microsoft’s new console will for its part have more work memory (8 gigabytes against PS4′s 4 gigabytes), but Sony should be working on trying to enhance this in the PS4 before its release. Both Sony’s and Microsoft’s console should have a 8 core CPU with extensive processing power.

The Sony event scheduled for the 20th of February called “the future” should house the first official announcement of the Playstation 4.

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