The Netherlands Invest In Building Quantum Computer

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The Netherlands is going to work on the construction of a quantum computer. The project will be lead by the Technical University of Delft.

The Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp, made the announcements during the Innovation Conference 2013 in The Hague, the Netherlands.

A quantum computer is a special computer that makes use of so called quantum states of subatomic particles to store information, by doing so quantum computers are able to process far more information than current day household computers, allowing for a large set of new computer applications.

The Dutch government will collaborate with players in science and industry to found the Qutech institute, under which name the quantum computer project will get started.

Henk Kamp, Dutch minister
(Henk Kamp, Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs)

“The best researchers work together with the most innovative entrepreneurs and the government to develop a revolutionary new technique that could lead to new products”, Kamp explained.

“This could lead to new relevant products and services, such as predicting the effects of medicine, and of course could lead to more income and jobs for the Netherlands.”

The new quantum computer should be a reality within fifteen years. The researchers want to use the special characteristics of small particles, called quantum bits. These small particles are able to perform immense amounts of calculations, allowing for new computer applications that are not yet available today.

So would a quantum computer be able to calculate the percentage of success of a medicine on a specific individual, and would it be possible to predict the effects of certain materials on the environment.

Earlier this year NASA and Google announced they were making a quantum computer that, with the help of artificial intelligence, will allow researchers to solve a large set of problems and could result in many potential innovative new products.

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