Video-Game Sales Decrease

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United States sales of video-game software, hardware and related accessories decreased 25 percent last month to $810 million, according to research organisation NPD Group Inc.

Bloomberg reports the sales of video-game hardware fell the most, shrinking a staggering 36 percent to $244.2 million from the previous year, the Port Washington, New York-based company said today in an e-mailed statement. Software sales for the current generation of home consoles and portable devices fell 27 percent to $369.9 million.

January wasn’t the best month for the video-game industry, and it shows the market is in stormy weather still. As games and its related hardware and accessories are luxury items it doesn’t surprise me they didn’t grew passed month. I could also imagine people who bought a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 are now anxiously waiting for the Playstation 4 and next Xbox console, as they are expected to arrive soon.

Sales of physical game products are declining amid a consumer shift toward mobile play on smartphones and tablets. Retail sales now make up about 50 percent of total U.S. consumer spending on games, according to Liam Callahan, an analyst at NPD.

The software sales fell even further, even though two big releases were done by game publisher Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) and one from Sega in February, NPD reported.
Callahan estimated total US. video-game sales were almost $1.2 billion in February (still not a small number).

Nintendo Co. (7974) in November released its first home console since 2006, the Wii U, and Sony Corp. (6758) said last month its new PlayStation 4 will be released during this years holiday period at the end of the year. Both new consoles give consumers the ability to download games over the Internet, showing that physical game sales will drop further and physical game stores will be hit hard.

Microsoft Corp. earlier today said U.S. retailers sold 302,000 Xbox 360 games consoles in February, citing NPD data. Its machines account for 41 percent of current-generation console sales, it said in a statement. Microsoft sold 426,000 Xbox 360 units a year ago.

Sony and Nintendo do not typically release the console sales data.

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