Vuzix comes with Smart Glasses


Vuzix has developed its own variant of smart glasses, the so called Smart Glasses M100, a handfree smartphone display. The M100, shows some resemblance to Google’s virtual reality glasses.

The Smart Glasses M100 has a WQVGA-display with a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels. The mobile display can be worn at the right eye or the left eye. The brightness would be 2000 nits, while the viewing angle would be 16 degrees. Furthermore the Smart Glasses has an integrated OMAP4-processor, while housing 4GB of storage memory. The storage capacity can be broadened with a microsd card.

smart glasses

The Smart Glasses contain a built in compass and gps-sensor, which makes it possible to make gestures with your head that can be detected by the device. The Smart Glasses also have a built in microphone and a integrated 720P camera for making videos or photos. All captured data are able to be transferred through a built in wifi or bluetooth connection. The battery life would be 8 hours.

The software Vuzix brings with the Smart Glasses M100 would also be able to record conversations, emails and text messages. Vuzix promised to show a lot more of its Smart Glasses M100 at the CES expo in January. The Smart Glasses should be shipping out somewhere next year and would be compatible with iOS and Android.

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