A look at the HTC Desire HD

This week HTC has released it’s newest iPhone competitor namely the HTC Desire HD. So let’s have a look at what HTC has to offer us with their newest smartphone.

The HTC Desire HD is the successor of the populair HTC Desire. The new HTC Desire HD is running on Googles newest operating system Android 2.2 (also named Froyo) which is not only faster but also has build in shortcuts on the home screen. More notable improvements in Android 2.2 are: the ability to create a portable WI-FI hotspot that let you share WI-Fi connection with eight other devices, the  switching between keyboard languages, a LED flash which gives you the ability to shoot photo’s and movies at night and a gallery option which makes you peak into all your photo stacks.


What is directly notable about the HTC Desire HD is the bigger and brighter screen it has compared to it’s predecessor. The cause of this change is it’s 4,3 inch 800×480 pixels LCD touchscreen. Thereby is the HTC Desire HD pretty stylish because of  it’s of one piece aluminium made external housing(unibody).

When we delve deeper into the HTC Desire HD it’s components more suprises await us. It has a staggering 8.0 megapixel camera which let you shoot movies in 720p High  Definition and take hair sharp 8.0 megapixel pictures.

In short the HTC Desire HD seems to be an excellent phone. Not only is it stylish and fun to use, it creates an all new experience on how you experience a smartphone. When surfing on other smartphones the screens are relatively small and the pages get not fully shown. The HTC Desire HD creates with it’s 4,3 inch screen and automated zoom function another experience into smartphone websurfing which makes it look like surfing on a laptop. Pictures and movies are shown scaled so you can fully see what you want to see, thereby you can open multiple webpages at once so you can shift between them. Another benefit is the support of Flash 10.1 which let you see all the youtube movies you want and play flash games.

I am definetely planning(67% shure) on getting this phone mostly because of it’s kick ass 8.0 megapixel camera, it’s big ass screen and the fun web experience it creates. So now to start the quest of finding a good deal at one of the resellers of the HTC Desire HD.

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