Alerts Made Fun With App It Up!

Missing a phone call, not seeing a text message or having a low battery can make a major difference in daily life. Since standard alert messages don’t always catch the attention and generally bore, App Star Inc. has developed an Android application called App it up! that allows users to personalize their alert messages.

App it up! originally released in May, 2016 and requires a mobile device with Android 3.0 or higher installed. At the time of this writing the app receives a five star rating on Google Play.

First impressions

The first thing that caught my attention is the personalized alert app’s simple installation. You won’t have to go through a wood of settings before the app functions correctly. After installation it’s automatically self-activated, which means adjustments can be made when necessary, but are not required to get it running.

App main page

App it up! comes with two main options, one for general alerts and the other for battery specific alerts. The first option allows you to decide how long your device should wait before it should send an alert after a call or text messages, after either 3, 5 or 10 minutes. Users are thereby also able to decide how often the alert should appear and if it should appear just for texts or calls.

In the battery alert options it’s possible to decide by who you want to be alerted, for example in a butler-like way, a Wise Guy-like way or as a Mr. President. Aside deciding in which way you’re addressed, one of the key features in the battery alert section is that you can decide when the alerts appear. This can be when the battery is at 40 percent or 17 percent, but also when the battery is at 1 percent.

Design and usability

In terms of design App it up! especially excels with its relatively clean interface and recognizable buttons. It doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary, which makes it easy to use for first time users. The fact it doesn’t come with any type of pop-up or intrusive ad is something I applaud as well.

battery options

The consistent rising sun background might be something that could have been replaced with a more neutral or page specific background, but that will probably be something only the most hardcore users would appreciate.

The short explanatory descriptions and texts throughout the app are also of great help to guide you around. It gives you the feeling you know what you’re doing, instead of pushing buttons without being certain what you’re changing.

Easy to use

App it up! is an easy to use Android application that will benefit anyone that wants more control over alert messages and hates to miss a phone call or text message. Although the app doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary, it does exactly what you’d expect and doesn’t come with any type of learning curve. This also means it’s easy to use for first timers.

For those that wonder why the app doesn’t install if you’re living in Europe, Africa or Asia, the personalized message alert system is currently only available for users in North America.