App Match In Review

With more than 2.2 million apps in Apple’s App Store and 2.8 million apps on Google Play discovering fun new applications is like finding a needle in a haystack. A good search function is life saving, but to find apps that match with your personality App Match has recently introduced a special app discovery service. In this post I have taken a closer look at the US application matcher.

I frequently search for new applications that make my life that little bit easier. I regularly rely on search engines and hear say opinions from self-acclaimed smartphone guru’s. With the arrival of App Match all that changes.

On it’s possible to complete a short free questionnaire that provides you with a wide range of apps that fit with your interests.

First impressions

When arriving on the homepage you are asked to perform a 5-minute questionnaire. In practice I estimate I spent no more than 3 minutes to go through it.

App Match

The first thing that caught my attention is that you won’t get any straight forward standard survey questions about your age range or if you think something is very likely or very unlikely. Instead the app turns every question and answer into a semi-serious joke or personal twist.

An example is a question like if you prefer to order stuff online or go shopping in person. The answers to the question are either “I love the sweet, sweet smell of big box stores” or “Just give me a credit card and an Amazon Prime Account”.


After having completed a dozen or so questions about your habits and likes App Match presents you with your matches. For anyone that used Tinder the familiar right and left swipes to save matching apps are very familiar. Swiping an app to the left will make you reject it, while moving an app to the right side will match it with you.


Where the comparison with Tinder luckily ends is that you obviously do not have to wait until the app swipes you to the left. When an app is of interest you can either move to learning more about the app or downloading it on your device.

Aside this key feature, the platform does not come with any meaningful extra features. This also is not something that I missed when I just wanted to move on to start trying out new apps.


The design of the website is visual and to the point. Especially on mobile devices the main ‘Click to start’ button is basically all you focus on and will be wanting to use.

application suggestion

The questionnaire and results themselves are presented in a clean manner and come with a large and easy to read font. Confusing when first starting the survey was that the visual homepage sends you to a blueish themed section that feels somewhat inconsistent with the initial look and feel. But this does not prove overly disturbing.


In the hunt for the best and latest mobile software App Match is a welcome newcomer. It doesn’t just provide a different approach on how to discover apps, it also does so in a fun and engaging manner.

Although the design is not entirely consistent, the platform’s easy interface and familiar swiping ability make it usable for even the most illiterate smartphone user.

Pros: Fun and easy to use, great alternative to using search engines, free to use.

Cons: Not entirely consistent look and feel, for mobile users only, daily recommendations limit.

App Match Verdict
  • User experience
  • Features
  • Design