Apple Against New Repair Law

Technology giant Apple is going to pledge against a new law in Nebraska that should make it easier for consumers to repair their own computer devices. According to a source from Motherboard an Apple representative will hold a pledge on 9 March during an official hearing about the law.

The new law would force companies to sell spare parts to customers and independent repair shops. Aside that manuals should be made available that would allow everyone to try to repair their smartphone, tablet, television or similar device.

Not only Nebraska, but also seven other states in the United States have proposed a similar law, including the states of New York, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Kansas, Wyoming, Tenessee and Illinois.

According to the source from Motherboard it is believed by Apple that repairing smartphones is too risky for consumers. During the hearing the technology giant would like to emphasize that smartphone batteries can catch fire when repairs fail.


There has been criticism on the difficulty of fixing devices from Apple for a long time. The website iFixit, which reviews how easy it is to repair gadgets, frequently gives iPhones and Mac computers a bad grade.

Next to smartphones, tablets and televisions the law should also make it easier to fix machines, such as car engines. Tractor manufacturer John Deere is therefore critical about the initiative as well.