What is the difference between RAM and memory?


When people talk about computer RAM or memory it is sometimes hard to discover what they mean. This is because sometimes the term memory is used to refer to a computer’s work memory and sometimes used to refer to other types of memory. In this post I have taken the effort to create more clarity about the difference between RAM and other types of memory. Continue reading “What is the difference between RAM and memory?”

Smart Clothes Revolution Not Expected Soon


Popular fashion icons such as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry have already shown the world what smart clothes or e-textiles can look like, clothes that can change color, adjust the temperature or measure bio-metric data. But even though smart clothes have been around for a while relatively few people are wearing them. Recent research from D. Romme at the Amsterdam University of Applied sciences sheds light on the phenomenon. Continue reading “Smart Clothes Revolution Not Expected Soon”

What is the difference between computers and supercomputers?

fastest supercomputer 2017

Computers and supercomputers are closely related, but they are not the same thing. In general, when people refer to computers they mean personal computer systems like a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. These are meant for personal use. A supercomputer on the other hand is a system that stands at the forefront of computer science, these systems are not meant for personal use and are generally used for scientific research purposes. Continue reading “What is the difference between computers and supercomputers?”