Metro Goldwyn Mayer(MGM) Studios continues

It are harsh times for movie producer Metro Goldwyn Mayer(MGM) Studios but now there is some good news, MGM has announced it will continue with the making of five new remakes and reboots.

MGM has got itself into a severe debt when it got taken over in 2005 by a group of investors and media companies. With a bankruptcy request by MGM this november the company hopes to create a fresh start as soon as it has been declared bankrupt.

The first big project of MGM as soon as it has been declared bankrupt will be the reboot of 1987 film hit “Robocop”. Besides Robocop MGM will make a reboot of the movie Mr.Mom(a 1983 film with Michael Keaton), The Idolmaker(a film from 1980 with Ray Sharkey) and reboots of: Poltergeist and Hercules. Continue reading “Metro Goldwyn Mayer(MGM) Studios continues”

Nvidia’s new flagship: the GTX 580

Nvidia's new flagship model the GTX580

This week Nvidia has released its new flagship in their for consumer video cards line up. The GTX 580 is based on Nvidia’s new gf-110 chip. It’s faster, cooler and more silent than its predecessor the GTX 480.

It has been tense between the two major competitors in video card world. ATI and Nvidia are both trying to create the best option for consumer high end visual computing. But there can only be one who can take the head position. In the ever continuing race for supremacy Nvidia comes up with the GTX 580 and ATI is going to hit back soon with the cheaper HD 6970.

So what has Nvidia to offer? Continue reading “Nvidia’s new flagship: the GTX 580”

Facebook introducing e-mail service

The world’s largest social network site Facebook is going to implement a new email service to its social repertoire. It is not going to be a Facebook-e-mail service as many users expected, but rather a “social inbox” according the social network.

With the implementation of email to it’s online services Facebook is going in direct competition with internet’s big boys, like Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Live mail. Continue reading “Facebook introducing e-mail service”