Why The World Needs Facebook

Facebook page opened on a laptop

In a time in which Facebook is in the corner where the punches are falling it’s easy to focus on all that is wrong with the social media giant. Shady advertisers had access to large amounts of personal data, fake news could spread like wildfire, posts deemed offensive or inappropriate were removed inconsistently, the user interface was poor, and those are just a handful of the things the company is criticized about in recent months. This almost makes you forget that with over 2 billion users in 2017 Facebook is the largest social network out there and fulfills an important role on the global stage. In this post I take a closer look at why the world actually needs a Facebook. Continue reading “Why The World Needs Facebook”

Raising A Child In The 21st Century

Kid reading a story

While many of us grew up playing outside, nowadays a lot of children grow up behind a computer display. While this isn’t necessarily bad on itself, it does pose severe challenges. Not just because smartphones, tablets and game consoles keep youngsters indoors, but also because few parents realize what a child goes through when growing up in the digital age and how to deal with it. Continue reading “Raising A Child In The 21st Century”