FIFA 13 PC: minor problems to a great game

On the 27th of September FIFA 13 was released worldwide on PC, consoles and handhelds. This year FIFA 13 was also able to be downloaded through game publisher EA’s Origin.

As I got home from work on the 27th of September I saw that FIFA 13 was released on PC. Being a core PC gamer myself I decided to buy the game. It has been one of the few games I really play throughout the year.

origin fifa 13
(FIFA 13 on Origin)

I already had a Origin account when I tested EA’s online download store some time ago so I decided to use Origin for buying FIFA 13. It seemed easy to do and I wanted the game directly. It went easier than I thought. I selected buy FIFA 13, logged into my account and bought the game.

I downloaded and installed the Origin client to my computer and downloaded the game. It went a bit faster than I eventually thought. I had the game within 30 minutes on my computer (or within the Origin client). I went to “play game” and before I knew it I was playing EA’s latest soccer game.

The game feels fresh and new compared to FIFA 12 but still has that familiar FIFA style. I tried out the different functions of the game and saw the online integration went even further than preceding FIFA’s (I even noticed you can’t start up the game without an internet connection). It also seemed that everything you do in the game earns you xp or experience which enhances your level and over time lets you get special in game items. Continue reading “FIFA 13 PC: minor problems to a great game”

Nvidia’s new flagship: the GTX 580

Nvidia's new flagship model the GTX580

This week Nvidia has released its new flagship in their for consumer video cards line up. The GTX 580 is based on Nvidia’s new gf-110 chip. It’s faster, cooler and more silent than its predecessor the GTX 480.

It has been tense between the two major competitors in video card world. ATI and Nvidia are both trying to create the best option for consumer high end visual computing. But there can only be one who can take the head position. In the ever continuing race for supremacy Nvidia comes up with the GTX 580 and ATI is going to hit back soon with the cheaper HD 6970.

So what has Nvidia to offer? Continue reading “Nvidia’s new flagship: the GTX 580”

A look at the HTC Desire HD

This week HTC has released it’s newest iPhone competitor namely the HTC Desire HD. So let’s have a look at what HTC has to offer us with their newest smartphone.

The HTC Desire HD is the successor of the populair HTC Desire. The new HTC Desire HD is running on Googles newest operating system Android 2.2 (also named Froyo) which is not only faster but also has build in shortcuts on the home screen. More notable improvements in Android 2.2 are: the ability to create a portable WI-FI hotspot that let you share WI-Fi connection with eight other devices, the  switching between keyboard languages, a LED flash which gives you the ability to shoot photo’s and movies at night and a gallery option which makes you peak into all your photo stacks. Continue reading “A look at the HTC Desire HD”