Download Free Fonts To Improve Your Content

Reports and letters are frequently written in standard fonts like Arial and Verdana. To professionalize your content you can download and install free fonts from a website like FontDaddy. originally launched in 2013 and contains thousands of free fonts that can be downloaded for Windows and Mac OS X.

How it works

When arriving on the FontDaddy homepage visitors are presented with dozens of font categories and an overview of the latest available letter types.

Every downloadable set is provided with a cover image, providing an instant idea of what the set looks like.

Fonts for download

By clicking on a specific set you can see the style of each individual alphabetical letter.

In order to download a font you can simply hit the ‘download’ button at the top-right corner of the font’s page.

What I like about FontDaddy is that it also features familiar letter types, such as the Eurovision Song Contest font and LEGO font, allowing you to play with successful fonts from popular organisations and products.

Installing a font

After downloading a letter set on your PC you can easily install the package by placing it in the ‘Fonts’ folder.

Simply unpack the font’s zip file from your download folder and move it to your Windows or Mac OS X ‘Fonts’ folder, after which it automatically installs.

Installing a font

In order to check if the installation worked, simply open a program like Word or LibreOffice and look if you can find the set’s name.

When you want to use a font for a commercial product don’t forget to look at the documentation associated with each download to see if it can be used commercially.