Dropbox Adds Document Scanning

Today Dropbox has introduced the possibility to scan documents using its mobile app. That means users of the file hosting service are now able to directly digitize physical documents using their smartphone or tablet computer.

Third party applications already provided the possibility to scan paper documents and upload them to Dropbox. The function from Dropbox works in a similar way, when it sees a paper document it automatically cuts the picture to the right size and it increases the contrast in order to make it more readable on screens.

For business users Dropbox has also added the possibility to automatically analyse scanned documents, making them searchable online. It’s still unclear when the new functions will come to the company’s Android application.

For some time Dropbox has been trying to find ways to make its users consume more storage space, after which they would eventually have to step over to the payed version of the service. Of its 500 million users the United States file hoster currently counts approximately 150,000 (paying) business users.