Fable 3 is coming to PC

Fable 3, the highly acclaimed role playing game from Lionhead Studios is coming to PC this may 17 in the US and May 20 in Europe. With its release on Xbox 360 earlier this October now it’s the turn for the PC audience to get their hands dirty on Fables third installment.

It has always been hard to pinpoint what Fable 3 exactly is. Is it a role playing game or an adventure game? or both? Is it serious or humoristic? This hard to pinpoint position  clarifies what Fable 3 is all about: choices.

The king you were able to play in Fable 2 was a rightful man, he rebuild the land of Albion and life went good under his rule. But soon the king died and your brother prince Logan followed him up on the throne. Prince Logan wasn’t as righteous as his father was. First his rule seems to go well but lately he has become ruthless and merciless. The situation becomes so bad that it is your duty to throw your brother from the throne and give Albion a better future, or not

The story seems easy in its build up, when you need to flee Logan his tirrany after some tough decisions earlier in the game. During the escape out of Albion you discover your magic powers and uncover old secrets about your fathers passed. The game pulls you into the action right away and never lets you feel bored one moment, this feeling  gets amplified by the lack of a menu. The game never gets paused because when you want to leave or pause the game you go towards a place called the sanctuary(a place where your character goes to for doing all kind of side activities that would otherwise be done in the menu).

As a player you have the opportunity to move freely through the world of Albion right away. Which makes the game start very smooth. But when you are moving through the lush world of Albion the graphics seem a bit disappointing. Many character faces seem expressionless and the plants, the grass and other details  in  the environment sometimes comes up on the screen when your standing a few meters away. It makes you think that the in game cut scenes from Fable 2 were replaced for highly detailed cgi movies for this reason alone.

Also the gameplay went through a lot of change since the last Fable. Most numerable is the new skill system introduced in fable 3, the sanctuary and the manner at which you perform combat. On paper Fable 3 is an amazing game but in the result it is a bit disappointing.

Aside the bit disappointing graphics and sometimes somewhat eyebrow raising story developments Fable 3 is just a to great game aside that. The artwork is stunning, its story telling immersive and the characters fun enough to make even the coldest of souls have a laugh. The lack of a menu and the free fun to explore world of Albion make this game one every role playing enthusiast should play. This isn’t a game to play once, no Fable 3 you will be able to play two or even three times just to explore all of its content, to make other choices than you did before.

For the PC you won’t be able to use gestural interfaces like on the Xbox 360 but that isn’t any of a good reason at all why PC users should let this game get dusty in the store. The mouse and keyboard are still epic nice to use and no gestural interface controller will replace that fun experience anytime soon. The usage of a the classic mouse and keyboard combo comes mostly in handy in games such as Fable 3 which have a lot of keys and options.

Fable 3 is coming to your local game store on May 17 in the US and May 20th in Europe. A fun game to play, a fun world to explore and a must have for every role playing game fanatic out there.

Score: 7,8

For more info about Fable 3 check out:http://lionhead.com/fable/fableiii/