Facebook introducing e-mail service

The world’s largest social network site Facebook is going to implement a new email service to its social repertoire. It is not going to be a Facebook-e-mail service as many users expected, but rather a “social inbox” according the social network.

With the implementation of email to it’s online services Facebook is going in direct competition with internet’s big boys, like Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Live mail.

Facebook tries to live up to the prediction of research company Gartner, who recently stated that by 2014 20 percent of all Facebook users will use Facebook for their mailing activities. Gartner also stated that within two years all messaging systems on smartphones will be connected to social networks. Now e-mail is becoming more implemented into social network services, Gartner predicts that more new e-mail functions will develop over time.

Facebook and Google get into a ever bigger fight over the internet user. Both web services want to get most attention of the internet user. Google tries to get more attention of the internet user by implementing social services, fishing in the pool of social network site Facebook. Now Facebook hits Google back and comes up with it’s own mailing service, trying to pull users away from competitor Google Gmail.