Holland Tests Vehicles That Interact With Traffic Lights

Holland is testing cars that can communicate with each other and traffic lights on the road. The experiments took place in the first week of September near the city of Haarlem, the province of Noord-Holland states on its official website.

The province of Noord-Holland used seven cars for the first test period. The cars were equipped with hardware that allowed the vehicles to connect with each other to share data on when they pull up or slow down. The cars could also communicate with the traffic lights on the road, providing the cars with information when the traffic light turns green or red.

By providing smart cars with a special cruise control function that can interact with infrastructure it is expected that it would become possible to allow for more efficient commuting. Aside reducing travelling time it could theoretically also improve traffic safety.

The final results of the research are expected later this year in November. The experiments are executed in collaboration with research agency TNO and the Delft University of Technology.