No More Comments To Meet GDPR

Since we take privacy and security seriously at Computer Stories we have decided to close down the ability to comment on articles. This has not been decided to stop you from taking part in discussions but to meet the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We wondered do we really need to store data and all the hassle it can come with? Our conclusion was that we do not have to and want to avoid the bureaucratic minefield.

By removing the ability to comment and deleting all previously stored comments and related usernames and email addresses we want to make sure your data cannot be misused and is safe, by not having it in the first place. To avoid any confusion about complying to GDPR we will therefore also no longer store any potential personal identifiable information.

Aside comments, we do collect website usage data in the form of cookies from Google Analytics. This website usage data is anonymous and also automatically removed within 26 months.

Although it seems daunting, somewhat complex and rigorous at first, we feel GDPR is a welcome development on the long term. Personal identifiable user data will be safer and those who seriously mistreat your information can now be met with serious consequences. In other words, a big and positive milestone for the (European) world wide web.

The latest version of our privacy policy can be found on the privacy policy page.