Are Computer-Generated Imagery effects hard to spot in modern day movies?

Star Wars virtual reality scene

To start, you could ask yourself what are modern day CGI effects? With computer-generated imagery I mean: the computer-generated imagery / visual effects in movies like “The Poseidon Adventure” (1972), and “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” (1977), compared to computer-generated imagery(CGI) effects in movies made in this decade (2001-2011). Continue reading “Are Computer-Generated Imagery effects hard to spot in modern day movies?”

Metro Goldwyn Mayer(MGM) Studios continues

It are harsh times for movie producer Metro Goldwyn Mayer(MGM) Studios but now there is some good news, MGM has announced it will continue with the making of five new remakes and reboots.

MGM has got itself into a severe debt when it got taken over in 2005 by a group of investors and media companies. With a bankruptcy request by MGM this november the company hopes to create a fresh start as soon as it has been declared bankrupt.

The first big project of MGM as soon as it has been declared bankrupt will be the reboot of 1987 film hit “Robocop”. Besides Robocop MGM will make a reboot of the movie Mr.Mom(a 1983 film with Michael Keaton), The Idolmaker(a film from 1980 with Ray Sharkey) and reboots of: Poltergeist and Hercules. Continue reading “Metro Goldwyn Mayer(MGM) Studios continues”

Crysis 2 and the beauty of the CryENGINE 3

Crytek has been busy the last years and not only with the developement of their new game engine: CryENGINE 3. Crysis 2 is coming. This march 25 Crysis 2 will hit stores worldwide. But what’s this game about?

The original Crysis made a huge impact on the PC back in 2007 with its high end graphics and stunning action based gameplay.  Those high end graphics also were the cause that you almost needed a super computer to play the game smoothly on high settings. This year game developer Crytek wants to impress us again but now also with a release on the consoles. Continue reading “Crysis 2 and the beauty of the CryENGINE 3”

The Game Developers Conference(GDC) 2011 is coming!

game developers conference(GDC) 2011

On february 28 it’s back, the annual Game Developers Conference in San Fransisco, the largest annual gathering of professional video game developers.

The Game Developers Conference focusses on learning, inspiring and networking between professionals in the gaming industry. The event also hosts some award shows: the Independent Games Festival and the Game Developers Choice Awards. Besides these award shows the Game Developers Conference shows many tutorials, lecturers of game industry professionals and roundtables with industry professionals on game-related topics such as computer graphics and CGI. Continue reading “The Game Developers Conference(GDC) 2011 is coming!”

The Consumer Electronics Show(CES) 2011


CES International is the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow. CES International was held between january 6 and january 9 in Las Vegas and gave us many new insights in the latest on consumer electronics and computer-generated imagery(CGI).

To dive right into the the latest in the consumer electronics show these next products caught my most special attention. Continue reading “The Consumer Electronics Show(CES) 2011”

Nvidia’s new flagship: the GTX 580

Nvidia's new flagship model the GTX580

This week Nvidia has released its new flagship in their for consumer video cards line up. The GTX 580 is based on Nvidia’s new gf-110 chip. It’s faster, cooler and more silent than its predecessor the GTX 480.

It has been tense between the two major competitors in video card world. ATI and Nvidia are both trying to create the best option for consumer high end visual computing. But there can only be one who can take the head position. In the ever continuing race for supremacy Nvidia comes up with the GTX 580 and ATI is going to hit back soon with the cheaper HD 6970.

So what has Nvidia to offer? Continue reading “Nvidia’s new flagship: the GTX 580”

E-books, what to think of them?

Today, Google launched their own e-book service and e-book shop in the United States.

When you buy a Google e-book on Google’s new e-book service this will get registered on the Google servers. This lets you read and open the book through out all your e-reader devices such as your smartphone, tablet and notebook device. Some compare the service as opening a Gmail e-mail but than in the form of a book. Continue reading “E-books, what to think of them?”