Fable 3 is coming to PC

Fable 3

Fable 3, the highly acclaimed role playing game from Lionhead Studios is coming to PC this may 17 in the US and May 20 in Europe. With its release on Xbox 360 earlier this October now it’s the turn for the PC audience to get their hands dirty on Fables third installment.

It has always been hard to pinpoint what Fable 3 exactly is. Is it a role playing game or an adventure game? or both? Is it serious or humoristic? This hard to pinpoint position  clarifies what Fable 3 is all about: choices. Continue reading “Fable 3 is coming to PC”

A look at the HTC Desire HD

This week HTC has released it’s newest iPhone competitor namely the HTC Desire HD. So let’s have a look at what HTC has to offer us with their newest smartphone.

The HTC Desire HD is the successor of the populair HTC Desire. The new HTC Desire HD is running on Googles newest operating system Android 2.2 (also named Froyo) which is not only faster but also has build in shortcuts on the home screen. More notable improvements in Android 2.2 are: the ability to create a portable WI-FI hotspot that let you share WI-Fi connection with eight other devices, the  switching between keyboard languages, a LED flash which gives you the ability to shoot photo’s and movies at night and a gallery option which makes you peak into all your photo stacks. Continue reading “A look at the HTC Desire HD”

A new gallery page!

The Blue Bird

Computergeneratedimagery.net proudly introduces a new gallery page.

Today we have introduced a gallery page. This for showing some of our own computer generated imagery work to you. Every now and than we will add some new creations on the gallery page which we hope may inspire others for creating their own.

So see you on the gallery page!

Facebook introducing e-mail service

The world’s largest social network site Facebook is going to implement a new email service to its social repertoire. It is not going to be a Facebook-e-mail service as many users expected, but rather a “social inbox” according the social network.

With the implementation of email to it’s online services Facebook is going in direct competition with internet’s big boys, like Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Live mail. Continue reading “Facebook introducing e-mail service”

Gesture-based computer interfaces

Ever since Minority Report the idea of gesture-based computer interfaces has captured the imagination of techo junkies and sci-fi fansAcademic and industry labs have created a host of prototype gesture interfaces, ranging from room-sized systems with multiple cameras to detectors built into laptops screens.

MIT researchers have developed a system that could make gestural interfaces much more practical. Aside from a standard webcam, like those found in many new computers, the system uses only a single piece of hardware: a multicolored Lycra glove that could be manufactured for about a dollar. With the use of multipe colors on the glove it is able to read which part of the hand is being moved. Continue reading “Gesture-based computer interfaces”

The decade of the game movie

With the rise of the computer in the last 20 years computer games rose with it, becoming more and more popular over time. Lately Hollywood is getting interested to. The days that movies were solely based on novels are over, we have entered the decade of the game based movies.

A trend that has begun ever since the release of Prince of Persia in the late 1980’s is finally getting into it’s adult fase. Story driven immersible games are becoming more and more popular. Games that tell a story, that take you on an adventure and stay with you for a long time. Continue reading “The decade of the game movie”

What is computer-generated imagery or CGI?

This website is all about computers and the things we can do with them. This also includes computer-generated imagery (CGI). But one may ask “what is computer-generated imagery?”

Computer-generated imagery (CGI) is a term used in the world of computer graphics, more specifically 3D computer graphics and special effects. Computer-generated images get created by computer software. Continue reading “What is computer-generated imagery or CGI?”