Truck Autopilot Technology Reduces Fuel Consumption

Volvo’s I-See autopilot technology lessens fuel expenditure for long-distance truck transport by up to 5 percent. The four inventors responsible for developing the autopilot solution are set to receive the Volvo Technology Award 2013. The prize will be presented today by Olof Persson, President and CEO, in conjunction with AB Volvo’s Annual General Meeting.

“I-See helps our customers reduce their fuel costs, while reducing the impact on the environment. The development of I-See has resulted in seven patents and is an example of really top-class engineering work,” Olof Persson explained.

I-See can be compared with an autopilot that automatically handles gear-changes, throttle and brakes on gradients in the most fuel-efficient way possible. Continue reading “Truck Autopilot Technology Reduces Fuel Consumption”