KASPAR Capable Of Helping Children With Autism

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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is among the most common mental disorders. According to the National Autistic Society there are 700,000 people with some form of autism in the UK. Although there are relatively many people with autism there is still no cure. Hope resides in making the lives of people with ASD easier using social robots. Earlier this year researchers at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with Adelante, Heliomare, University of Siena, University of Hertfordshire, Proteion and Sevagram published their findings on using social robots in healthcare. Continue reading “KASPAR Capable Of Helping Children With Autism”

Raising A Child In The 21st Century

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While many of us grew up playing outside, nowadays a lot of children grow up behind a computer display. While this isn’t necessarily bad on itself, it does pose severe challenges. Not just because smartphones, tablets and game consoles keep youngsters indoors, but also because few parents realize what a child goes through when growing up in the digital age and how to deal with it. Continue reading “Raising A Child In The 21st Century”

Internet Addiction Analysed

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The arrival of the Internet and the devices that allow us to use it have unleashed an information revolution, allowing us to learn and communicate in ways our parents could only have dreamed of.

Although they’ve had a clearly positive impact, these developments have also introduced new problems. In this article I have a closer look at computer addiction, more specifically Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) or Problematic Internet use (PIU). Continue reading “Internet Addiction Analysed”

Working With Computers

As we set our first steps in the digital age our daily lives are becoming further and further intertwined with the use of computers. At Computer Stories we also work a lot with the computer, but sometimes I think: “is it to much?” Is it a good development that more and more people are working with computers all day long? That people feel sleepless, and feel like if their energy has been depleted? I urge for clear off-computer moments after working with computers for a long periods of time.

Like many people I work with the computer on a daily basis. Not only for Computer Stories but also for my daily work. I arrive at office around 9 o’clock after having checked my email on my tablet in the bus and reading the news on my smartphone. Arriving at office I start up my computer and before I know it it’s 8 hours later and I switch off my computer to go home. When I go home I read the news on my phone again and find myself watching a movie on my tablet that I started the other night. As I arrive home I must do some administration through internet banking and reply to some comments on Facebook and email of that day. Continue reading “Working With Computers”