New Journal Explores Superheroes Science And Technology

Avengers Infinity War

Last weekend Avengers: Infinity War opened big in cinemas in the United States and other parts of the world, crushing ticket sale records. Surfing this superhero popularity wave researchers in the Netherlands have started a new open access journal called Super Heroes Science and Technology. In its first edition researchers present how Tony Stark could repair and create his Iron Mans suits using current 3D printing technology and how Captain America hero Buck Barnes could actually be cryogenically frozen. Continue reading “New Journal Explores Superheroes Science And Technology”

What is the difference between computers and supercomputers?

fastest supercomputer 2017

Computers and supercomputers are closely related, but they are not the same thing. In general, when people refer to computers they mean personal computer systems like a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. These are meant for personal use. A supercomputer on the other hand is a system that stands at the forefront of computer science, these systems are not meant for personal use and are generally used for scientific research purposes. Continue reading “What is the difference between computers and supercomputers?”