The decade of the game movie

With the rise of the computer in the last 20 years computer games rose with it, becoming more and more popular over time. Lately Hollywood is getting interested to. The days that movies were solely based on novels are over, we have entered the decade of the game based movies.

A trend that has begun ever since the release of Prince of Persia in the late 1980’s is finally getting into it’s adult fase. Story driven immersible games are becoming more and more popular. Games that tell a story, that take you on an adventure and stay with you for a long time.

Those games are now getting to the big screen. First in the line up of game movies has been Prince of Persia: the sands of time. This movie will tell the story of the young Persian Prince Dustin that discovers the sand of time time and the mysterious dagger of time. The prince will go on an adventure to turn back the events that have happened at a sultans palace. Prince of Persia will be coming out next month and looking at the trailer this could be a good one.

Another big game movie project is World of Warcraft. This massively multi player online role playing  game has become a bombshell in the gaming world. With more than 12 million players worldwide the game has the largest gaming community to date. The story of the movie will likely be about the so called Alliance and the Horde. These two factions are in constant battle in the World of Warcraft and form the main story of the game. It will also likely tell more about the mythology and story line of the world. Director of the project will be Sam Raimi which announced that the project should hit cinema’s in late 2011.

Bioware, a highly regarded game developer known for it’s  story driven role playing games announced it is looking towards the big screen to. Hollywood has showed interest in Bioware’s multi platform role playing game Mass Effect. Bioware says they are looking at the options for the moment. Mass Effect tells the story about a future universe wherein an alien race threatens the galaxy. An Earthling called John Sheppard has proven himself in battle and tries to stop this threat with a team of super specialists. No further information on the movie has been released yet. But this will be one to keep in mind.

I also like to pull out TRON Legacy. TRON Legacy is based on the vision of gaming people had in the beginning of the 1980’s. The story is about a gaming world in which players are literally pulled in. People are fysically pulled into the game world and need to take on challenges to survive in it. From what I have heared and seen this will be one big CGI based movie. Even more than Avatar was. The movie will also be in 3D and  the director of the project is no one less then Joseph Kosinski. The project will hit cinema’s in late 2010.

There are another few game based movies to keep in mind. Like the Oblivion movie(based on the fantasy role playing game from Bethesda),  Crysis the movie(based on the 2007 and 2009 sci-fi shooters) and Bioshock the movie(based on 2k’’s 2007 sci-fi shooter). If we will see these game based movies hitting cinema’s any time soon isn’t sure so we’ll have to wait and see for more on this.

So there we have it a few of the movie projects that are based on well known computer games. Of course these games are based on novels  and stories for themselves so eventually the movies are based on them to. But what I want to say here is that we are entering a time in which popular game culture is influencing movie culture. That stories are first neglected and that when games bring those untold stories to life Hollywood and the world notices them. An interesting development indeed.