The Top 6 Emerging Technologies In 2015

The modern world in which we live just wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for technology and it’s perpetual advancement. 2014 was a milestone year for technology, but if you look beyond those particular technologies, what type of innovation was the driving force of the technologies is what was so interesting.

There were notable developments in big data, smartphones and notebooks and of course, as with every year, the internet. 2015 is already cruising past 2014 and the year is still young. Keep on reading down the article to see what is so special about the top 6 emerging technologies in 2015.

1. Innovations you can wear

The term “wearable technology” is all the rage these days and for a good reason. This state-of-the-art concept is not only huge this year but it will be for the years to come. Apple Watch and Google Glass are the forefathers of wearable technology and what they are in layman’s terms, is a miniature smartphone/notebook you can actually wear on your wrist like a watch. There are predictions as well that are spilling the beans regarding a whole lot more of these unique devices hitting the market in the coming months. The tech geeks rejoice.

2. It’s all about the 3-D printing

Just like the wearable technology craze, 3D printers are steadily becoming quite the topic of interest. These printers are surprisingly affordable and they will give its users quality, realistic 3-D prints in the comfort of their own home or office. New, spectacular designs are being created with absolute ease, plus short-run manufacturing and efficient prototyping are done so readily and in such a simplistic process

3. Nicotine free e-cigarettes

New innovative e-cigarette technology, presenting a whole new experience for individuals who want to become smoke and nicotine free, Neo E-Cigarettes also designed a stylish refill packs with an eco-friendly neo charger.

4. Big data media products

As it stands, big data and analytics will reach up towards $125 billion in 2015. It has also been said that over the course of the next five years that cloud-based big data and analytics will be a booming industry and it will elevate upwards to three times it’s current growth regarding on-premise solutions. Audio, video and images will be the imposing figures of big data products and concepts. Analytics are quickly becoming the way of the future.

5. Self-protection and risked-based security

Those days in which we looked as PC security being everything we really ever were concerned about have quickly changed. Recent study panels have pointed out that security positioning that concerns themselves over risk assessments is the more logical direction and progress will never be hampered. Restrictions and firewalls are losing their steed and business honestly needs to change along with this new direction in order to stay properly secure.

6. Client and cloud computing

Because mobile devices and wearable technology are quickly becoming necessities for many, businesses need to garner these special technologies in regards to mobile users. An awesome medium for scalable computing work, the cloud is making a definite impact more than ever. Soon it will be everything cloud computing and virtually everywhere there will be internal and external applications in every aspect of business. Clouds apps are really making a strong impression this year and it certainly deserves to be in the top 5 emerging technologies in 2015.