Tye Aims To Change Portable Security

It’s everyone’s nightmare, your precious smartphone or laptop gets stolen and you can’t get it back.

A recent Kickstarter project dubbed ‘Tye’ tries to bring an end to that, providing users with a mobile alarm, virtual lock and tracker.

The Tye 3-in-1 portable security system has been developed by the Silicon Valley-based startup Perseus Micro Logic.

With its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter the company hopes to receive $60,000 in funding, to make Tye into a market success.

How it works

The Tye mobile security system can either be used as an alarm by plugging it into an electronic device, as a virtual lock for non-electronic items, and as a tracker for moving objects.

Tye is comprised of a hub, a remote and an adjustable USB cable. These parts can be used in various combinations, depending your specific needs.

To give an example, you can plug Tye into the USB port of your laptop. The product’s sensors can detect anyone that comes too close, setting off an alarm to scare away potential robbers and to alert yourself when something happens.

Another example is using Tye for your pet. You can connect Tye to the belt of your dog, allowing you to track it through an application wherever it goes.

At the time of this writing the project has received $27,314 of its $60,000 pledge, with 14 more days to go. Supporting the project starts at $1, for which your name will be listed on the project’s official website.